Metal core PCB manufactuer

Andwin is Aluminum PCB and metal core PCB manufacturer that offer excellent thermal management solution,thermal conductivity from 1.0 W/m.k to 385 W/m.k.

our products include aluminum core PCB, thermal PAD MCPCB,copper based PCB,multilayers MCPCB and more.
Get your Aluminum PCB prototype in 4 to 10 days!

About us

Andwin MCPCB davision  set up on Feb. 2006.
Focus on  providing metal core PCB for customer
In LED field and power supply field.

The following is a list of the services and products we offer:

We can meet all your MCPCB manufacturing needs,
From single-sided to complex multilayered metal clad substrate PCB’s
And from prototype through production.

Metal Core PCB:
• Thermal PAD MCPCB
• Aluminum PCB
• Copper based PCB
• Double sided Aluminum PCB


Medical devices: CAT imaging systems, ultrasonic scanners, blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, acemakers, and more

Automotive:LiDAR: navigation and entertainment systems, control systems, and sensors

Industrial machinery:Manufacturing equipment, which includes automation and processing equipment

Communications:Communications equipment, radar, control systems, computers, vehicles, firearms, and warfighter equipment

Military aerospace: Monitoring and communication equipment, power supplies, flight systems, and hardware

A few of our customers